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Officer Candidate School

The Region E Officer Candidate School (OCS) program trains Soldiers in the fundamentals of leadership and basic military skills; instills the professional ethic; evaluates leadership potential; and commissions those who qualify as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army. Officer Candidate School is a mentally and physically challenging course designed to educate, train and develop the leadership potential of enlisted soldiers, resulting in federally commissioned officers. Officer Candidates may participate in the Traditional Program, the Accelerated "501" programs, or the Federal OCS program.

Officer Candidate School Curriculum:

    • Leadership development
    • How to plan and conduct training
    • Communications
    • Tactics/FTXs/Survival
    • Map reading/Land navigation
    • General military subjects
Warrant Officer Candidate School

The Warrant Officer Candidate School-Reserve Component (WOCS-RC) Phase 2 trains Soldiers to become Warrant Officers as it continues to evolve to better align its philosophy and activities to meet the needs of an Army at war. The driving force is the desire to produce warrant officers better qualified to operate effectively in the demanding operational environment (OE). Focus is emphasized more on officer roles and responsibilities and less on individual activities. During Phase 3, the culminating event is a field leadership exercise (FLX) which draws heavily on recent lessons learned and apply flexible, adaptive leadership principles in stressful situations to reinforce and build upon previous classroom theory studies and discussions. Upon complete Phase 3 they are appointed Warrant Officers. Warrant Officer Candidates may participate in the State Program (WOCS-RC), approximately 8 months, or the Federal WOCS Program.

Warrant Officer Candidate School Curriculum:

    • Leadership Development
    • Officer Roles and Responsibilities
    • Communications / Briefings
    • OE & Military Operations Courses
    • Military and Warrant Officer History
    • FLX-STX, Land Navigation, Urban Operations
LTC Amber Manke

LTC Amber Manke

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