2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 136th Infantry

Soldiers of the 2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 136th Infantry advance on Objective Adams in the Sawalki Gap, Lithuania on June 18, 2017. As part of the multinational exercise of Saber Strike ’17, the 1/34th ABCT is providing support to the Air Assault Task Force Commander, Col. Charles Kemper.
Unit Information

The 2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 136th Infantry Regiment, is a Minnesota Army National Guard battalion headquartered in Moorhead. The 2-136 IN (CAB) combines the efforts of its mechanized infantry and armor companies to execute tactical missions as part of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division.

In 2016, the 2-136 IN (CAB) successfully completed its rotation at the National Training Center (NTC).  In 2017, the unit mobilized for joint multi-nation training exercise named "Saber Strike" in Lithuania.  In 2018, 2-136 IN (CAB) completed tank and Bradley gunnery while training maneuver forces.  In 2019, the unit will complete the eXportable Combat Training Center (xCTC) in Fort Hood.

There are 5 major units in the 2-136 IN (CAB): Headquarters and Headquarters Company in Moorhead and Fergus Falls, A Company in Bemidji and Detroit Lakes, B Company in Crookston and Thief River Falls, C Company in Wadena, and I Company located at Camp Ripley Training Center.

The 2-136 IN (CAB) motto is "REX MONTIS" or "King of the Hill" as blazoned at the bottom of the unit insignia.