2023 Minnesota Air National Guard Flight of Honor accepting nominations

The Minnesota Air National Guard Memorialization Board is accepting nominations for possible candidates to be inducted into the 2023 Minnesota Air National Guard (MN ANG) Flight of Honor Induction Program, Joint Force Headquarters, MN.

Memorialization Regulation JFMNR 36-3108 (dtd 6Dec21) v2 ***Nomination must include narrative of both military and civilian leadership service (example narrative Appendix B-1 found on page 11).

Nomination Form (dtd 16 Oct 20) ***Nomination must include a completed Appendix A-1 form.

 Section one: Describe the nominee’s military service. Specifically include: a) any acts of heroism and b) distinguished professional military achievements and service which demonstrate the nominee’s “uncommon prestige.” Cite specific “positions of responsibility” or “positions of great responsibility,” the associated challenges overcome, and achievements in those positions. Awards, commendations or other documents that support the above requirement can be included with the nomination.

Section two: Describe the nominee’s civilian leadership positions held that demonstrate the concept of Citizen-Airman. Describe the nominee’s involvement in their community, including after retirement or separation from the Minnesota Air National Guard. This paragraph is strengthened by specific examples of leadership positions held, activities performed, and achievements as opposed to mere organizational association.

The Eligibility and Criteria for Memorialization are as follows (refer to regulation for details and examples):

a. Military Personnel. MN ANG Military Personnel are considered for the Flight of Honor Induction Program on the basis of heroism or distinguished professional achievement and service.

b. Military Personnel (Died in Line of Duty). MN ANG personnel who die in the line of duty as the result of enemy actions, accident, injury, or illness.

c. Civilian employees. Civilian employees are eligible for memorialization on the basis of distinguished professional achievement and service.

d. Waiting period for eligibility. At least two years following the heroic action or a minimum of three years following retirement or separation from service to the MN ANG.

-Nominations must be received by 01 APR 23 (nominations received after this date will be retained for future year consideration). Sponsors do not have to resubmit Nomination package.

-NLT 15 APR 23: Nominations forwarded to the Adjutant General with Recommendations from the Memorialization Board.

-NLT 15 MAY 23: TAG’s approvals/recommendations returned to Memorialization Board.

-The 2023 Ceremony will be held on Tue 17 October 23, at the 133rd Airlift Wing, Minnesota Air National Guard, St. Paul, MN.

Nominations can be:
#1: E-mailed to the undersigned: sheri.l.bailey2.civ@army.mil

#2: Mailed to the following address:

Department of Military Affairs (4th fl)
ATTN: Ms Sheri Bailey
20 W 12th Street
St. Paul, MN 55155-2004

Questions can be directed to the undersigned.

Sheri Bailey, MSgt (Ret), MN ANG
Special Assistant to ANG Leadership


Office: 651.268.8947