Welcome to Camp Ripley

Please provide us with feedback on your experience at Camp Ripley. Click here to complete a survey and provide comments and suggestions about how we can continue to provide excellent customer service.

As you plan and prepare to execute your training events here, Camp Ripley Command reminds you that our whole purpose is to provide you the facilities, resources, and support you need to execute your training in a realistic environment.  If there is anything we can do to assist you, please let us or our staff know, and let us know where we can improve; whether it is facilities, processes, procedures, policies, or whatever.  We want to know how we can best serve you and your Soldiers.  Think about this while you are here, and let us know through phone calls, emails, face to face interactions, or our ICE surveys.

Senior Enlisted Leaders

Senior Enlisted Leaders, please contact CSM Hofstad at 320-616-2705 (preferably prior to arriving) so we can build the relationship between you, your unit, and Camp Ripley.  Also, have your OPS NCOIC contact SFC George at 320-616-6022 to schedule an initial welcome brief that can be conducted within your first two days on the ground.

Please review our regulations (CRTC, Range, Motor Vehicle, etc.) so you have a full understanding of the implications behind them, and your unit is prepared to execute your training.


Please remind your personnel that the most common speed limit in cantonment is 20 mph, with a couple roads set at 30 mph, while downrange it is at most 25 mph, and is always lower when passing troops.  Dust, construction, and slippery roads can create hazards when driving that require your Soldiers' diligence to negotiate safely.

Traffic and POV Parking

Our Traffic Regulation includes the use of a points system (points assessed for citations, and after enough points have been assessed, driving privileges on post will be suspended).  We ask that you understand who your POV drivers are, what they are driving, confirm they are licensed and insured and that they understand where your unit command teams are directing them to park (in designated parking or designated Overflow Parking Areas).

RAVE Messaging System

Sign up for the RAVE messaging system.  This is a texting system that you and your Soldiers can opt into, to receive text messages when an important or emergency message must be sent regarding Camp Ripley.  It supplements and fills gaps left by systems like Desktop Alert, CCIRs, sirens, and is especially useful for M-Day staff, out-of-state organizations, non-government customers, and when you're simply not by your computer. Messages could include things like Active Shooter, Severe Weather Warnings, large scale fire incidents, power outages, and other emergency situations.  We highly recommend you opt-in, to ensure we can reach you if there is an emergency.  To Opt-In to RAVE, text CAMPRIPLEY to any of the following numbers: 226787, 67283, 78015, or 81437.  You can opt out at any time: opt-in when you are training here, then opt-out if you want.


The installation-wide WiFi (GopherNet) will be undergoing some significant changes, and will impact where and to what extent it is available.  We are implementing plans to modify or replace GopherNet, with a priority toward enabling official business to occur (i.e. using VPN).  Please understand that, as a consequence of these changes, limitation of WiFi services may occur.  In conjunction with the J6, we will work diligently to complete this change as quickly as possible.

Waste and Recycling

As you execute your plans and generate the accompanying waste, please have your units deposit the waste in the appropriate containers and dumpsters, sorted by organics, recyclables, cardboard, and garbage.  A reminder to collect the MRE heaters (FRHs) as last year, with none in any dumpster.

PX and MWR Activities

The PX has expanded their hours, open from 0800-1700 daily except for holidays. Camp Ripley also offers Subway and Taco Johns as food options.  Please give them feedback on whether their schedule supports your Soldiers & units, and how they can better serve you.

When your Soldiers are off duty, we invite you to use any of our MWR facilities and equipment: we have everything from fishing equipment to Frisbee golf, and the Viking Club is a great place to unwind after a long training event.

Family Assistance Center and Personal Financial Counselor

Our Family Assistance Center is located in Building 11-1, as well as a full-time Personal Financial Counselor.  Please use them as resources for your force.  You can coordinate for both of them at 320-616-3119, and learn about other resources available as well.