Camp Ripley Training Center

Camp Ripley, located near Little Falls, Minnesota, is a 53,000-acre regional training center hosting numerous ranges and state-of-the-art facilities to support the training requirements of military and civilian agencies. The training center provides service, resources and facilities that empower organizations to conduct essential training. Supporting a wide range of customers, from local law enforcement agencies to all branches of the Department of Defense, Camp Ripley is a primary training facility for Minnesota National Guard units.

2023 Accomplishments

In 2023, Camp Ripley welcomed a new Garrison Commander, Army Col. Troy Fink, and Command Sgt. Maj. Rian Hofstad. Camp Ripley hosted 395,448 person-days of training for DoD personnel of all military branches. Camp Ripley hosted many state interagency partners, such as the State Patrol Trooper’s Academy, local law enforcement, and first responders, for another 83,902 person-days.

Camp Ripley’s environmental team was awarded the 2023 Secretary of Defense Large Installation Environmental Award. Camp Ripley continues to work with local landowners to conserve natural habitat with a $400,000 Natural Resources Conservation Service grant infusion that will expand local, state, and federal partners’ capacity within the team’s Sentinel Landscape project.

Camp Ripley was proud to host the Norwegian Prime Minister and Land Forces Commander as we celebrated the official signing of Norway, becoming our newest state partner and the 50th anniversary of the U.S.-Norwegian Exchange Reciprocal Program. Camp Ripley was also honored to host the Croatian Minister of Defense and the Chief of Defense as we continue our 27th year as a state partner, working together to strengthen our allies


2024 Objectives

In 2024, Camp Ripley will focus on the Minnesota National Guard’s first priority of ‘People First’ by improving the morale, welfare, and recreation opportunities available for our employees, families, service members, and veterans by adding more programs. Camp Ripley will improve the Area 5 battalion headquarters by adding dining facilities and additional training space. Construction will begin on four more rail spurs, which will increase the efficiency of troop mobilization and offloading of equipment. Camp Ripley will also modernize its infrastructure by continuing to upgrade the fiber optic network downrange, ensuring unit training can meet modern requirements.

Camp Ripley’s ongoing objective is to increase our winter operations opportunities through training with our international allies via our State Partnership Program and working to advance cold weather training with the National Guard Arctic Interest Council. Camp Ripley will continue to increase our winter training capabilities through other Department of Defense branches, such as the Navy, Coast Guard, and the Air Force, both active and reserve components.

In 2024, Camp Ripley will focus on sustaining and strengthening community partners. Camp Ripley command participated in over 120 community engagements in 2023 and will increase engagement, cooperation, and transparency with our state and community leaders.

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<p>Col. Troy Fink
<br>Garrison Commander </p>

Col. Troy Fink
Garrison Commander

Garrison Command Sergeant Major

CSM Rian Hofstad
Garrison Command Sergeant Major


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Phone: 320.632.7000

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