Full-time Jobs in Minnesota -old

Ref # Application # Type Position Grade Unit Branch Closing Date
24-155 24-155 Indefinite Technician HR ASST (MIL) GS07 1-125 FA BN Army 22DEC2023
24-130 24-130 Permanent Technician TRAINING TECHNICIAN GS09 JFHQ Army 22DEC2023
24-119 24-119 Temporary Technician HR SPEC (MILITARY) GS09 MN RRB Army 22DEC2023
24-117 24-117 Temporary Technician SECURITY SPECIALIST GS11 HQ 34thID Army 22DEC2023
24-136 24-136 Temporary Technician IT SPECIALIST (CUSTOMER SUPPORT) GS09/11 JFHQ Army 22DEC2023
24-125 24-125 Permanent Technician IT SPECIALIST (CUSTOMER SUPPORT) GS09 175th RTI Army 22DEC2023
24-151 24-151 Permanent Technician POWERED SUPPORT SYSTEMS MECHANIC WG10 AASF#1 Army 22DEC2023
23-448 23-448 Permanent Technician ATTORNEY-ADVISER (GENERAL) GS13 JFHQ Army/Air 21DEC2023
24-047 24-047 OTOT Bilateral Affairs Officer MAJ/O-4 - LT.COL/O-5 MN JFHQ, Duty Location- Oslo, Norway Army/Air 21DEC2023
24-140 24-140 Open Title 5 GRANTS MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST GS13 USPFO Army/Air 21DEC2023
24-103 24-103 Temporary Technician MILITARY & FAMILY READINESS SPECIALIST GS09 MNARNG FULL TIME SUPPORT, Brooklyn Park Army/Air 19DEC2023
24-112 24-112 Temporary Technician IT SPECIALIST (NETWORK/SYSADMIN) GS11 JFHQ DMD SASMO, Camp Ripley Army 18DEC2023
23-524 23-524 Permanent Technician SUPPLY TECHNICIAN GS07 USPFO Army 18DEC2023
24-132 24-132 Merit AGR MDG Superintendent CMSgt/E9 133rd Medical Group Air 18DEC2023
24-102 24-102 Temporary Technician MATERIALS HANDLER SUPERVISOR WS06 1-34 HQ HEAVY BDE CMBT TEAM Army 18DEC2023
24-116 24-116 Permanent Technician IT Specialist (Network/Sysadmin) GS11 JFHQ DMD SASMO Army 18DEC2023
24-113 24-113 Permanent Technician AIRCRAFT MECHANIC WG10/11 AASF#2 Army 15DEC2023
24-124 24-124 Temporary Technician HR SPEC (MILITARY) GS09 RRB Army 15DEC2023
24-114 24-114 Temporary Technician AIRCRAFT MECHANIC WG10/11 AASF#2 Army 15DEC2023
24-127 24-127 Open AGR Supply NCO SSG/E-6 D TRP, 1-94 CAV, Grand Rapids, MN 55744 Army 14DEC2023
24-118 24-118 Permanent Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC WG11 FMS#3 Army 13DEC2023
24-106 24-106 Temporary Technician ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT REPAIR INSPECTOR WG11/12 FMS#3 Army 13DEC2023
24-110 24-110 Permanent Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC WG11 FMS#6 Army 13DEC2023
24-115 24-115 Indefinite Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRER WG08 FMS#4 Army 13DEC2023
24-101 24-101 Permanent Technician TOOLS AND PARTS ATTENDANT WG06 MATES#1 Army 12DEC2023
24-141 24-141 Merit AGR Training NCO SSG/E-6 HQ 1ABCT, Rosemount, MN 55068 Army 12DEC2023
24-105 24-105 Open Title 5 SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION & RESPONSE SPECIALIST (VICT ADV) GS11 MNARNG Fulltime support Army/Air 12DEC2023
24-142 24-142 Merit AGR Supply NCO SSG/E-6 TRP A 1-94 CAV SQDN, Hibbing, MN 55746 Army 12DEC2023
24-104 24-104 Permanent Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC LEADER WL11 MATES#1 Army 12DEC2023
24-143 24-143 Merit AGR ADMIN NCO SGT/E-5 TRP B 1-94 CAV SQDN, PINE CITY, MN 55063 Army 12DEC2023
24-108 24-108 Open Title 5 EDUCATION TECHNICIAN GS07 JFHQ Army/Air 12DEC2023
24-144 24-144 Merit AGR ADMIN NCO SSG/E-6 HHB 1-125 FA, NEW ULM, MN 56073 Army 12DEC2023
24-146 24-146 Merit AGR Supply NCO SSG/E-6 CO D, 2-147 AHB, ST. PAUL, MN 55107 Army 12DEC2023
24-121 24-121 Merit AGR Machinist Lead MSgt/E-7 148th Maintenance Squadron Air 11DEC2023
24-126 24-126 Permanent Technician DIRECTOR OF MILITARY SUPPORT GS12 JFHQ Army 11DEC2023
24-123 24-123 Permanent Technician Group Superintendent GS11 133 MSQ GP Air 11DEC2023
24-120 24-120 Merit Title 32 MACHINIST WG12 148 MAI SQ Air 11DEC2023
23-570-1 23-570-1 Permanent Technician MATERIALS HANDLER WG06 USPFO Army 06NOV2023