Full-Time Jobs in Minnesota

If you are interested in Minnesota National Guard full-time vacancies, please contact the Human Resources Department at (651) 282-4155 or DSN 825-4155. The application process for Active Guard Reserve (AGR) vacancies and Excepted Service Technician vacancies is very different. DO NOT send applications for Excepted Service Technician vacancies to the Minnesota National Guard Human Resources Office.

Ref # Application # Type Position Grade Unit Branch Closing Date
24-106 24-106 Temporary Technician ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT REPAIR INSPECTOR WG11/12 FMS#3 Army 13DEC2023
24-110 24-110 Permanent Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC WG11 FMS#6 Army 13DEC2023
24-115 24-115 Indefinite Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRER WG08 FMS#4 Army 13DEC2023
24-118 24-118 Permanent Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC WG11 FMS#3 Army 13DEC2023
24-105 24-105 Open Title 5 SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION & RESPONSE SPECIALIST (VICT ADV) GS11 MNARNG Fulltime support Army/Air 12DEC2023
24-104 24-104 Permanent Technician SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC LEADER WL11 MATES#1 Army 12DEC2023
24-108 24-108 Open Title 5 EDUCATION TECHNICIAN GS07 JFHQ Army/Air 12DEC2023
24-101 24-101 Permanent Technician TOOLS AND PARTS ATTENDANT WG06 MATES#1 Army 12DEC2023
24-123 24-123 Permanent Technician Group Superintendent GS11 133 MSQ GP Air 11DEC2023
24-120 24-120 Merit Title 32 MACHINIST WG12 148 MAI SQ Air 11DEC2023
24-121 24-121 Merit AGR Machinist Lead MSgt/E-7 148th Maintenance Squadron Air 11DEC2023
23-391 23-391 Indefinite Technician HEALTH TECHNICIAN GS07 HQ 1-94 CAV SQDN Army 08DEC2023
24-080 24-080 Permanent Technician MATERIALS HANDLER WG06 ARNG TRAINING SITE CMD DET, Army 08DEC2023
24-032 24-032 Temporary Technician SECURITY SPECIALIST (PROTECTION) GS12 JFHQ Army 07DEC2023
24-071 24-071 Indefinite Technician SUPPLY TECHNICIAN GS06 84th Troop Command Army 06DEC2023
24-094 24-094 Permanent Technician ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER GS12 133rd Airlift Wing Air 06DEC2023
24-095 24-095 Merit Title 32 QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST GS11 148th Fighter Wing Maintence Group Air 06DEC2023
24-096 24-096 Merit AGR Quality Assurance Specialist MSgt/E-7 148th Aircraft Maintenance Group, Air 06DEC2023
24-069 24-069 Indefinite Technician SUPPLY TECHNICIAN GS06 HQ 34TH ID DIV Army 06DEC2023
24-099 24-099 Open AGR Supply NCO SSG/E-6 CO A 134 SPT BN, ARDEN HILLS, MN Army 06DEC2023
24-098 24-098 Merit AGR Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic TSgt/E-6 148th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Air 06DEC2023
24-097 24-097 Permanent Technician ELECTRONIC INTEGRATED SYSTEMS MECHANIC WG12/13 148TH Fighter wing Air 06DEC2023
24-122 24-122 Open AGR CBRN NCO (Survey Team Member) SGT/E-5 55 CIVIL SPT DET (WMD), St. Paul, MN Army 04DEC2023
24-090 24-090 Open AGR Public Affairs Mass Communications NCO SSG/E-6 Joint Force Headquarters, Cottage Grove, MN Army 02DEC2023
23-650 23-650 Temporary Technician FAMILY PROGRAM SPECIALIST GS09 JFHQ Army 01DEC2023
24-091 24-091 Open AGR Recruiting & Retention NCO SSG/E-6 MN Recruiting & Retention Battalion, Monticello, MN Army 01DEC2023
24-100 24-100 Merit AGR Readiness NCO SFC/E7 257TH MP CO, Monticello, MN 55362 Army 01DEC2023
23-570-1 23-570-1 Permanent Technician MATERIALS HANDLER WG06 USPFO Army 06NOV2023
Application Procedures

Excepted Service Technician Application Procedures: There are three (3) options to apply for positions listed below in order of HRO preference:

Option 1 - The applicant completes an online questionnaire and uploads supporting documents (OF 612 and AGO 163 at a minimum) electronically.

Option 2 - The applicant completes an online questionnaire and faxes all or part of their supporting documentation (OF 612 and AGO 163 at a minimum) to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at 1-478-757-3144 using the OPM supplied fax coversheet.

Option 3 - The applicant submits the questionnaire and supporting documentation (OF 612 and AGO 163 at a minimum) in hard copy via the OPM fax number (1-478-757-3144).

Candidates must review the "How to Apply" tab for instructions to complete the questionnaire. Online questionnaire is specific to each vacancy announcement and must be completed prior to uploading or faxing supporting documentation to OPM.

For questions regarding Excepted Service Technician application procedures, please contact Human Resources at (651)282-4127 or DSN 825-4127.

AGR Application Procedures: NGB Form 34-1 and supporting documentation (listed in vacancy announcement) must be submitted on or before the closing date of the vacancy announcement. Applications must include vacancy announcement number and job title the applicant is applying for. AGR applications must be E-mailed to ng.mn.mnarng.mbx.assets-hro@mail.mil