Historical Archive and Reference Library


The Minnesota Army and Air National Guard and the 34th Infantry Division have a long, proud history of service to Minnesota and the United States both at home and abroad. This legacy must be preserved and made available to the public.

The Minnesota National Guard and 34th Infantry Division Archive develops the historical awareness of our soldiers and leaders, documents unit accomplishments, and builds esprit-de-corps. This is accomplished by conducting and enabling research through the acquisition, preservation, and publishing of monographs and artifacts of the Minnesota National Guard and 34th Infantry Division.

The Command Historian accepts donations from the public and units of the Minnesota National Guard and 34th Infantry Division. Items are scanned and published on our websites, social media and printed publications. Items may also be displayed at our armories and air bases giving credit to the donator.

The Archive is located in the Cottage Grove Armory. Access by appointment only.


Areas of Specialization

This office is a research archive and non-lending reference library. Our mission is to obtain, preserve, enable research, and publish material on the following commands, subordinate units and installations.

Minnesota Army National Guard

- The 34th Red Bull Infantry Division

- The 47th Viking Infantry Division

Minnesota Air National Guard

- The 133rd Airlift Wing

- The 148th Fighter Wing


Archive Resources


- Artifact collection includes art prints, paintings, and panoramic photos

- Deployed unit publications, 1990-present

- History file on each subordinate unit

- Large format scanner and photocopier is available for use

- Newspaper clipping file, 2000-2012

- Public Affairs/ Command History file server, and SharePoint access, 1921 - present

- Public Affairs media releases, 1967 - present

- Public Affairs photo prints, 1940-present

- Public Affairs staff paperwork, Minnesota National Guard events, 1980-2010

- Archive Inventory.xlsx


Acquisitions and Donations

We acquire and preserve historically significant material related to the Minnesota National Guard. Please contact the Command Historian regarding the donation process at mn.ng.web@mail.mil. See donation and loan forms.pdf

Here are a few specific needs:

    • 34ID Operation Iraqi Freedom 2009-2010 books, 5 volumes


    • Red Bull Report magazine, hard copy, all issues, either hard bound collection or individual magazines


    • Military publications: Airman, Armor, Army Sustainment, Fires Bulletin, Infantry, Military Police, Chemical Review, Engineer, NCO Journal, Soldiers Magazine, War Times Journal, etc.


    • NorthStar Guard magazine


    • Minnesota Militia newspaper/magazine


    • Red Bull Express newsletter (1ABCT), hard copy, need all


    • Military Orders granting unit awards/honors. (ie, Meritorious Unit Citation, Valorous Unit Citation, etc.)


    • Northstar Guardian magazine, to complete the collection at 133AW


    • Desert Bulls magazine, hard copy


    • Task Force Thunder newsletter (1-151FA)


    • Talon magazine


    • Minnesota National Guard Annual Reports prior to 2006


    • Overseas deployment and State Active Duty mission material, i.e. newsletters, photos, letters etc.


    • 34th Infantry Division WWII letters, photos, uniforms, artifacts


    • History of the 34th 'Red Bull' Infantry Division by John Hougen


    • Any material on 34ID Aligned For Training units:


1-112th Security & Support Battalion, ND National Guard;

1-183rd Aviation Battalion, Idaho National Guard;

1-189th Aviation Battalion, Mont. National Guard;

115th Fires Brigade, Wyo. National Guard;

116th Heavy Brigade Combat Team, Idaho National Guard;

141st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, ND National Guard;

157th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Wis. National Guard;

196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, SD National Guard;

2nd Brigade Combat Team, Iowa National Guard;

32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Wis. National Guard;

38th Canadian Brigade Group of the Canadian Army's Land Force Western Area.