Minnesota Guard hosts Broadcasters Association visit

April 28, 2016 (CAMP RIPLEY, Minnesota) — Members of the Minnesota Broadcasters Association visited the Minnesota National Guard training site at Camp Ripley near Little Falls, April 26-27, 2016. The visit brought together radio and television broadcasters from across the state along with representatives of the Minnesota National Guard to highlight the years of positive relationships that have benefited the Minnesota public.

“On behalf of Maj. Gen. Rick Nash, the adjutant general of Minnesota, we are pleased to be able to spend time with members of the Minnesota Broadcasters Association at Camp Ripley,” said Col. Kevin Olson, director of communications for the Minnesota National Guard.

The MBA promotes and protects Minnesota broadcasting, both radio and television, from across the state. They provide member stations with a wide variety of services, including advocacy at the state and federal levels, providing legal counsel, coordinating professional development seminars and producing high quality public affairs radio and TV programs.

Since the late ’90s the MBA has worked hand-in-hand with the Minnesota National Guard to share the stories of Minnesota’s service members with the public they serve. Recently the MBA has helped pave the way for greater circulation of programs such as Minnesota Military Radio which continues to support the efforts of veterans, service members and their families.

“We are especially looking forward to thanking those stations that air ‘Minnesota Military Radio’ each week, and sharing the incredible public service value that it provides to the citizens of our state,” continued Olson.

The Minnesota Military Radio Show is a part of the programming of over 30 stations across the state.

During their visit to Camp Ripley, the broadcasters received a tour of the facility and a briefing on the abilities of the installation. Additionally, they got a little background on the nationally recognized environmental programs which keeps the state-owned facility successfully meeting training requirements while maintaining proper environmental stewardship.

“We consider this an invaluable opportunity to showcase the incredible staff and facilities that keep our Service-members and public safety organizations effectively doing their best for the citizen of Minnesota,” added Olson.

by Staff Sgt. Anthony Housey
Camp Ripley Public Affairs