MNNG Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Follow-up


The Minnesota National Guard strives to advance a military culture free from sexual assault and harassment. In many respects we’ve come a long way in these areas, but critical work remains so long as we continue to have sexual harassment and assault in our formations.

As a learning organization we strive to take a critical eye to our successes and failures alike to assess how we can continue to evolve and move forward with solutions that:

  • Support survivors,
  • Encourage reporting,
  • Support improving our culture and climate,
  • Educate and empower our service members and leaders to protect one another, and increase accountability.

I have appointed a Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Board, a task force that is empowered to:

  • Review our training, policies, practices, and our case data,
  • Interview survivors, service members, and leaders at all levels to identify opportunities for improvement and better outcomes.

I intend that this email be forwarded to every service member in the MN National Guard.  Leaders, ensure this message gets forwarded down to each and every subordinate in your organization. 

As part of this effort we are inviting you to share with us your personal experiences, your feedback and ideas surrounding these topics.

We have created a brief survey where each of you can join the conversation to help end sexual assault and harassment in the MN National Guard.  Use the link below to engage.

Survey Monkey is anonymous, but you may include your name in your narrative if you wish.

Thank you for your continued support to end sexual assault and harassment within our ranks, and for helping to protect your brothers and sisters in arms against these heinous actions.

MG Jon Jensen

Minnesota ARNG

Adjutant General