Retirement Services

The Minnesota Army National Guard G1 Retirement Services office provides essential services and support to retired and soon-to-be retired non-regular (M-Day) Soldiers and their families.  Our office also provides services and support for retirement point calculations, corrections, and inquiries as well as archive records requests.

Our retirements services specialty is non-regular and disability retirements. We provide guidance and advisement on the completion of retired pay applications and survivor benefits annuity applications.  We also provide Reserve Component Survivor Benefit (RC-SBP) counseling and applicable form completion.  We assist currently serving Soldiers, gray-area retirees (gray area retirees are members who served in the Guard or Reserve, are qualified for retired pay, and have retired from their service (stopped drilling) but are not yet at the age where they can start receiving retired pay), retired Soldiers eligible for retirement pay, and survivors of retired Soldiers. 

Your ARNG retirement point history statement (NGB Form 23, sometimes referred to as “RPAM statement”) should be reviewed annually.  The NGB Form 23A will be placed in your iPERMS record around your anniversary year ending (AYE) date. If you have questions or need assistance with this form, please contact us.