Transition Assistance Advisors

Transition can be difficult in any aspect of life, and for service members and their families transition can create many physical and emotional challenges.

As a service member, you face the challenge of transitioning between civilian life to military life, from active-duty status to Guard/Reserve status, to deployments, to military separation, and retirement.

If you have faced, or are facing, any of these transitions, you have likely felt overwhelmed, confused, or even frustrated at times. You are NOT alone.

Your state Transition Assistance Advisors (TAA) are here to direct you to the benefits you have earned with the compassion of someone who has been there. Someone who knows how to get you through the maze of benefits and services offered through the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense and Department of Labor to name a few. Benefits such as:

  • Employment assistance
  • Relocation assistance (homelessness)
  • Education benefits/training
  • Physical health and mental health well-being
  • Health and life insurance
  • Financial assistance
  • Disabled veteran benefits
  • Legal assistance

We are here to assist with the creation and execution of a detailed individualized Transition Plan for service members. It is required that service members leaving the military meet with a Transitional Assistance Advisor to receive information on benefits and programs they are eligible for.

Arden Hills Armory:
Mr. Vince Hokkanen
Mobile: (202) 987-3831

Moorhead Armory:
Ms. Marian Jordan
Mobile: (202) 987-3907