148th Fighter Wing to Conduct Night Flying

September 22, 2020 (Duluth Air National Guard Base, Minnesota) — The 148th Fighter Wing will conduct night flying Tuesday, September 22, 202 through Friday, October 2, 2020.  This period of night flying will allow the wing to conduct critical training with Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACS) and utilize night vision goggles (NVG).  JTACs are highly specialize military personnel who direct the action of combat aircraft, such as F-16s, engaged in close air support missions.  Night Flying is required for pilot proficiency to train for future missions worldwide.

Residents in the local area and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan may hear F-16s taking off, flying and landing during the later afternoon and evening.  These missions will normally be flown above 18,000’ feet but at times the F-16s may fly lower in approved training airspace to accomplish required training.  All F-16s are scheduled to be on the ground by 11:15pm CST.