Minnesota National Guard Modernizes its Force with New Vehicles

ARDEN HILLS, Minn. – Thursday, the Minnesota National Guard is conducting an event at the
Arden Hills-based Field Maintenance Shop to showcase their new vehicle and demonstrate
modernization efforts occuring in the Army.

“Modernization allows us greater interoperability with our active component military branches
and our partners to face global threats,” said Army Maj. Maggie Gregg, Minnesota National
Guard’s field maintenance manager. “The enhanced technology of the JLTV will allow us to
train and operate in different environments, with enhanced features to enable Soldiers and
leaders to navigate different terrain and battlefields.”

The Minnesota National Guard received more than 300 new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, or
JLTVs, to support the modernization efforts. The Guard’s track record of readiness and success
helped ensure Minnesota’s place in being an early recipient of these vehicles. The Army is
focusing on equipping its armored formations with new vehicles since the current fleet of Highly
Mobile Multi-Wheeled Vehicles has aged. JLTVs provide improved protection and mobility,
giving troops the reliability and performance needed for battlefield environments.

The Regionally Aligned Readiness and Modernization Model, or ReARMM, is designed to
create a predictable environment to enable modernization and allow the Army to win decisively
in any conflict. A strategic effort was made to divisionally align to the fullest extent possible by
fiscal year 28 by implementing a five-year life cycle for all units to plan modernization, training,
and mission requirements.

“Modernization is a Total Army approach, and the Army Guard is receiving and training on the
same new vehicles, equipment and weapons systems alongside the Army,” said Army Lt. Gen.
Jon Jensen, director of the Army National Guard, and former Minnesota National Guard adjutant
general. “As the Army’s operational reserve, this approach is essential for ensuring the Army’s
interoperability, lethality and responsiveness on the battlefield.”
We have skilled Soldiers who are ready to have new equipment to continue to grow and learn,”
said Gregg. “Modernization will make us a stronger force overall.”