1903rd and 1904th Acquisition Teams

The Minnesota Patriot Guard, whose volunteers are at every mobilization event, say farewell and present a flag to the 1904th Acquisition Team on June 23 at Camp Ripley Training Center. The five-person contracting team is headed to Kuwait to plan and coordinate contract functions in the theater, and act as contract officer representatives to ensure contracts are properly administered.
Unit Information

The 1903rd and 1904th Acquisition Teams plan and coordinate all contracting functions at the brigade, division and corps level and supports the United States Property and Fiscal Office.

In January 2017, the 1903rd Acquisition Team deployed to Kuwait and supported the theater-wide efforts to supervise, administer and support contingency contracting operations.

In 2019, the 1904th Acquisition Team deployed to Kuwait, enabling Area Support Group - Kuwait to enhance security and stability, secure and operate installations and facilitate theater sustainment operations.