Minnesota Army National Guard Court of Honor accepting applications for 2023

The Camp Ripley Memorialization Board is accepting nominations for
possible candidates to be inducted into the 2023 Minnesota Army National
Guard Court of Honor Induction Program at Camp Ripley, MN.

Please reference the attached documents:

Memorialization Regulation MNGR 1-33 (dtd 01 NOV 21)
Nomination Form (dtd 01 NOV 21)

Nomination criterion as follows:

a. Members of the Minnesota Army National Guard who are officially
recognized for acts of valor or heroism at the risk of one’s life, while in
either state or federal military service.

b. Past members of the Minnesota Army National Guard who have obtained
‘uncommon prestige’ as a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard and
have contributed to the Minnesota National Guard over an extended period of
time after retirement.


-Nominations must be received by 01 APR 23 (nominations received after
this date will be retained for future consideration).
-NLT 15 APR 23: Nominations forwarded to the Adjutant General with
Recommendations from the Memorialization Board.
-NLT 15 MAY 23: TAG’s approvals/recommendations returned to Memorialization
-The 2023 Ceremony will be held on Sunday, 8 October 2023.

Nominations can be:

#1: E-mailed to the undersigned: Kathleen.m.radziej.nfg@army.mil

#2: Mailed to the following address:
Department of Military Affairs
ATTN: Office of the Adjutant General (4th Floor)
20 – 12th Street West
St. Paul, MN 55155-2004

Questions can be directed to the undersigned.